At Powersport Canada, we know that you may not know everything you need before applying for a loan. We have provided you with commonly asked questions and answers below. If you have anything left unanswered or are unsure about the process, give us a call! We would love to help you get the answers you need and be the auto loan company you trust!
Is it expensive to apply for a Powersport loan?
At Powersport Canada, our application process is free. We want to be the number one company you can count on to get you the car you need. We believe that the process should be quick and easy.
How long is the actual loan process going to take?
After completion of the application, you will receive an email confirming your request. Your application will be processed immediately and we can approve you in just a few hours! Have the application filled out in sixty seconds or less! Start now!
How much can I qualify for?
Everyone’s situation is different and depends on what vehicle you want. Contact a Powersport Canada representative to speak with them to find the best solution for all your financial needs while speaking with a qualified lender.
Can I apply even if I am bankrupt?
YES. Our massive dealer network offers credit and financing no matter what your credit score and history look like. If your credit is great, fair, or poor we’ve got you covered.
Will applying for a Powersport loan affect my credit?
The credit bureau will be notified each and every time you apply for a loan. When you work with us, we will partner with lenders that will give you the best option, so you only have to file once.
Are my options limited by my credit score?
At Powersport Canada, your selection of vehicles is unlimited. Whatever the amount of loan you qualify for, we guarantee that we will find the perfect car you are searching for with our vast network of dealers and exceptional team.
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